About Leon Cycle


Since 2014, we at Leon Cycle have been selling electric bicycles from our Headquarters in Hanover, Germany. Under the brands "Leisger" and "NCM" we offer e-bikes for everyone in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, US France, Spain and Italy . All products are designed in Germany and manufactured in Western-Europe. Starting in the E-Commerce Business, Leon Cycle established over the years a wide service network with local bicycle shops.




Our main Pedelec brand is called NCM. Since its foundation in 2014, NCM's e-bikes have been stirring up the market. With a wide range of different models in the E-Trekking, E-MTB, E-Cruiser and E-Folding categories, we are quite diversified and offer both rear- and mid-motor engines, whether from our own design (Das-Kit) or from established brands such as Bafang. This versatility seems to have its finger on the pulse of the times. Rapid growth and over 50,000 e-bikes sold in 2020 prove us right.






In order to keep costs low and compatibility & quality high, we have consciously decided to equip our bikes with our own motor drives. This allows us to provide you with powerful motors with up to 65Nm torque, which work in perfect harmony with our controllers and provide long life and performance due to high quality components.





The most expensive component of an electric bicycle is the battery. Here, as well, we rely on technology from our own, which means that we do not have to restrict ourselves in the design of bicycle frames. In addition to the design, the capacity is of course of utmost importance. With capacities of up to 768Wh, we are one of the leading manufacturers in this field.


E-bikes for everyone and every need? By this we mean mountain bikes (E-MTB), city and trekking bikes (E-Trekking), cruising bikes (E-Cruising) and folding bikes (E-Folding) with powerful and reliable motor drive, at an affordable price.

Modern design, functionality and high-quality standards complete this concept and are the reason for the popularity of our e-bikes, which are now also produced in France and Germany.


Our pedelecs will help you pedal, and we will help you with everything else. Our support starts even before the purchase. Competent advice on our products is most important for us, we advise you from the selection of the right bike, through assembly and in the demand for spare parts, via e-mail or social media.